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Kurkjian in San Diego

I found out why Tim Kurkjian was in San Diego.  To write an article about Derek Jeter.

Dave Roberts:

When asked, Padres center fielder Dave Roberts, a member of the Red Sox last year, said, without hesitation, "Derek Jeter sets the bar for everyone who puts on a uniform.''

Chris Hammond:

"It's his leadership more than anything,'' said San Diego pitcher Chris Hammond, who played one year (2003) with the Yankees. "Whenever there's a problem in the clubhouse - there are a lot of little problems on the Yankees - Derek is the first one to step in and say, 'What's the problem? We've got to cut this out.' I really looked up to him. Playing in New York is a pressure job. It's hard being the captain of the Yankees. But he has never stumbled.''

Tim and Jeter sitting in a tree...:

Jeter has a nice face, a rugged face, a handsome face...