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Pssst... I'm back.

Well, I'm back. Jonny Dub, Sheona, Jess and I made it back, safe and sound. New York tried to eat us alive with its oppressive heat, unbearable humidity, and smothering crowds of people all intent on stepping on our flip flopped feet. But we effin' made it. We took a bite out of the Big Apple and we chewed.

The Long Island Rail Road did get the best of us on Friday as Jess and I somehow managed to not get off of the train at our correct stop, and then we further managed to get on the wrong train in our futile attempt to get back to the stop we originally wanted. The information lady at the second incorrect stop wasn't so helpful.

I said to the lady, "Can you tell me where I have to be to get to the Valley Stream station?"

To which, she replied, "Track-foh-one-oh-seven."

I guess normally, that's a good answer. But I didn't want to make any more mistakes. I asked, "Track four? What time will the train be there? Is that the name of the train?"

She said insistently, "Track-foh-one-oh-seven."

So apparently that's all I needed to know. Then, as I'm walking away from her, she got on the microphone and announced to the station "Track-foh-one-oh-seven to Belmont now at Track 1. Track-foh-one-oh-seven to Belmont now at Track 1."

I turned back and looked at her and she just kinda stared blankly at me. It wasn't so much good.

....Ah it's pretty late. I'll finish the story tomorrow sometime. Gaslamp has done pretty well while I've been gone. Good to see AJATT turn out good. OK. Nighty night.