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Open Thread: Positive Thoughts!

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Okay I'm opening a thread so we can talk about postive things.  No more cynical thoughts today.  Let's do this!

I just turned Linebrink's version of "Wave on Wave" on my ipod.  I'm putting it on repeat.  I'm feeling it.  Sing with me!

So caught up now in pretendin'...
All I'm lookin' for is you...

Wait for it... wait for it... NOW!

You came upon me, wave on wave.
You're the reason I'm still here, yeah.

Also could somebody please vote for Trevor Hoffman as the hottest Padre?  Give him some love.

Fill these comments with some postive thoughts.  Afterall...

I'm just lookin' for a happy endin'.
All I'm lookin' for is you.

Update [2005-6-15 13:6:56 by jbox]:

Maybe we need some happy pictures to help us along: