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Padres playing Terrible

Ugh.  Padres are playing terrible.  Peavy giving up huge home runs.  Klesko dropping a fly ball.  Base stealers running at will against Ramon.  Still no timely hitting.

I was glad there was a long rain delay so I was able to see most of the game.  As it turned out it wasn't much of a game to watch.

Peavy talked to the UT:

"It's time for everyone in here to look in the mirror,"

He continues:
"We're not doing anything good," Peavy continued. "We're not playing like a first-place team.

"We're not hitting, pitching or playing defense. Every part of the game right now, we're not getting it done. If anyone takes offense, let them talk to me. All 25 of us have to get better. We have to get on track."

Maybe there is some good news coming.  The Yankees are talking trade possibilities and they may want to take Phil Nevin:  

Another possibility is San Diego. The Padres can't take on any payroll, but if they dealt a player like Phil Nevin (who's making $8.5 million this year and next) for a player like Matsui (who's making $8 million this year and can be a free agent when it's over), it could help them free up some cash for other things.