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That loss stung a little

I still feel like somebody punched me in the gut.  That loss hurt, because I got my hopes up.  "This is it!" I kept telling myself.  I thought we had it in the bag.  Why did I have to get so confident?

Now we have a day off before taking on Detroit.  Sigh.

Oh and guess what?  I don't want Barry Zito on this team either.  I've never liked that guy.  He's way too into his guitar playing surfer image.  He can't seem to go through one interview without talking about the Dave Matthews Band.  So what if he dated Alyssa Milano?  He hasn't pitched well for 2 years.  He's been awful.  I don't buy into the suggestion that if he is paired up with Ramon again that he'll return to his Cy Young ways.

Adam Eaton doesn't want Zito either:  

"People want to make things perfect, and that's not possible," Eaton said. "You can't have everything. Everybody thinks Zito's the guy. I'd like to take my chances with Brian Lawrence as opposed to Zito. I know Brian Lawrence. I've seen him go through tough times and come out smelling like a rose."

The way I see it, our pitching has been very good.  We need hitting if anything.  When we hit, we win.    When we pitch well, it's a toss up.  If I was big into stats I'd try throw some stats up here and you'd be like "you know he's right!"

Bochy was supposed to get his contract done during this homestand.  That didn't happen.  

New CEO Sandy Alderson was out of the country this weekend, which may have delayed Bochy's much-discussed contract extension. Alderson is due back tomorrow.

Oh Jon just called from New York.  The whole group is on their way to Cooperstown.  I told Dex that the Blog is okay and not to worry.  So if he asks any of you, just tell him ol' jbox has been doing a good job.

They caught the lowlights on TV last night in Montreal and Jon said "freakin' Hoffman!"