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Padres News and Notes

  • Man those "Bochy for Mayor" guys are getting a lotta press.  First they get interviews on 1090 and now the UT has a story on the them.  Bochy Responded today:
    He emphasizes that he has no mayoral aspirations: "I've got enough on my plate. . . . Besides, I live in Poway." He admits, however, that there are similarities between his job and that of the mayor in that "people are looking over your shoulder at any move you make." Bochy hasn't ordered a "Bochy for Mayor" T-shirt, but Padre Mark Sweeney has one.

    I like Sweeney gettin' one to kiss up to Boch.

    I saw a guy with a shirt last night.  I was thinking it was one of the creators I should have said something to him.  "Psst.  It's me jbox from".  Something like that.

  • I was at the game so I didn't get to see a replay.  Was Phil really out at third?  I thought he was from my view point.  Others said the tag was high and his toe slipped in.  Man I was cheering like crazy when Boch was yelling at the ump.  "Let him have Boch!  Tear into him!"  When Bochy threw his hat, I cheered all the more.  Man that was great!
  • There was a lot of Gloom and Doom on 1090.  This is a different team though, with Loretta and Roberts out.  Giles is still hitting though which is a relief.  It's okay to panic a little at this point, but I think we'll be okay.  The Pads hit the ball hard a few times but every line drive was right at an outfielder.

Update [2005-6-11 20:56:51 by jbox]:
Oh I got the RJ 1/2 lb Slugger last night. With a coke I was down 10 bucks, but up a tasty dinner. I loaded it with RJ BBQ sauce and onions. Right after I got it Randy Jones himself came outta the back. I said "Doing a good job, Randy!", I held up my dog. He seemed less excited then I was.