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U.S.A. Women's National Softball Team

So I went to the Pads game last night.  Suddenly, as if outta no where, the Women's National Softball Team sits in front of us.  I know very little about women's softball, but what I did know made ME look like the pro!

As they sat down, I exchanged pleasantries.  "Ladies... congratulations."  This was my first bit of knowledge,  they had won the Gold Medal in the 2004 olympics.  They didn't just win it, they went undefeated and I think they shut out just about every team.  

Then I think I recognize the young lady sitting direclty in front of me.  I tap her on the shoulder.  

jbox:  Excuse me are you Cat Osterman?
Cat:  Yes, I am
jbox:  Big fan or yours.  Pitcher right?
Cat:  Yeah.
jbox:  See I know about the softball.

Cat is one of two softball players that I know about.  I watch a little college softball now and again on ESPN.  Sitting to her left was Kelly Kretschman, to Cat's right was Jamie Clark.  There was one other cute blonde who was very nice, she talked more then the others but I don't see her picture on the roster.

Luckily only days before I had tuned into a show talking about how there is a pro softball league that just started.  I knew that Jenny Finch was the big name player for Chicago's team.  I dropped that into the conversation as well.  

jbox:  So Finch, is playing outta Chicago right?  
Cat:  Yeah

Man I'm good.

Cat went on to tell me where the rest of the girls were playing.  She said she hadn't gone pro yet because she was still in college.  

jbox:  University of Texas right?
Cat:  Yeah, I'm from Houston too.
jbox:  What MLB team do you root for?
Cat:  The Astros, but they suck this year.

I noticed that they kept cheering for the White Sox.  

jbox:  What the hell is this?  Rooting for the White Sox?
Kelly:  One of the girls on the team is the girlfriend of the White Sox pitcher Garland.
jbox:  Yeah, so?
Kelly:  So we want him to win and make the all star team and win the game
jbox:  Well that ain't gonna happen!  (Later he won the game)

Kelly later told me that she's a Yankee fan.  I shook my head in disappointment.  

jbox:  just when you think things can't get worse, Yankees fan sits in front of you.
Kelly:  (laughing) I love NY!

We talked a bit more.  The Pad Squad guys came down to invite them on the field to throw t shirts and to go into the booth.  Other girl, wasn't sure if she wanted to go.  I told her she should go, because Tony Gwynn was in the booth tonight and she'd get to meet him.  She did.  Later she told me.  "I'm glad I went, Tony Gwynn was really nice and I got my picture taken with him."

At the end of the game the other girl invited us to come watch the game tomorrow at 11am in Chula Vista at the Olympic Training Center.  We said we might just do that.  I didn't end up going, but I think Kevin from work might have gone.

I gotta start bringing my camera with me again. I think there was a Padres game going on in the background too.

Update [2005-6-11 18:55:9 by jbox]:

They also showed the girls on the Jumbo Tron and that meant that they put me on the Jumbo Tron! I waved my Padres cap around.