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Padres News

From Yahoo Sports:

Yay! We got a short stop who's hitting .198. I think we already got one of those. Just kidding Khalil!

The Seattle Mariners traded shortstop Wilson Valdez to the San Diego Padres on Thursday for two minor league pitchers.

Tom Krasovic reports today in the UT that a Bochy contract is coming:

 Today, General Manager Kevin Towers and manager Bruce Bochy will meet to work out final details on a contract extension that could guarantee Bochy's salary through 2007.

"We're real close to getting something done," Bochy said.

Barring a setback, the Padres expect to announce a deal before the team leaves town on Monday. "We'll get this done," Bochy said.

Also, I forgot that EY was on the team. It's been so long:

Utilityman Eric Young, on the disabled list because of a dislocated right shoulder, said he "feels 100 percent" but needs to build a lot more strength before he can throw well enough to return to the lineup.
Update [2005-6-10 14:34:29 by jbox]:

Jonny Dub called me from Shea Stadium last night. Said the stadium kinda reminded him of Qualcomm, but not in a good way. It was very sterile and boring. It was a good pitching match up but the game was boring too.