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Brian Giles credits Tanning for Yesterday's win

I was watching local ABC Channel 10 yesterday and Brian Giles is being interviewed in the locker room.  He's got his shirt off and a ton of microphones in his face.  He said something like "Why'd Eaton pitch such a great game?  Well, he's tan.  We've been tanning together."

I did a little google search about Brian Giles and his love of tanning.  It looks like it goes back a few years when he was with Pittsburgh.

Dan Patrick interviews Giles for ESPN:

DP: Best tan in baseball.
BG: Me or Jason Kendall. He's started on my tanning program. In fact, we just got back from the salon. We got our tips frosted, then we went for a couple of rounds in the tanning bed.
DP: I can just picture it.
BG: Don't knock it. We have a lot of fun. Our big thing is, after they get the foil in our hair for the frost, we sit under the dryers and gab.
DP: Like old ladies?
BG: Sure. Cracks us up.

Brian Giles also claims to be Valedictorian of Granite Hills High here in SD.  Is there any truth to this?

BG: Yeah. I either caught potato bugs or studied. Guess that's how I became valedictorian of my high school -- boredom.

I'm pretty sure Brian Giles is crazy.

Update [2005-6-11 18:53:35 by jbox]: If you do a google search for "tan" and "beach muscles" the first article is about Brian Giles. Here's the comment from the article:

He recently responded to a reporter when asked about the details of his rehab program, "I'm trying to work on my tan and my beach muscles. I can't do anything [else], so I hope I can be tan and bigger when I come back."