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Here's a list of how the voting's going so far.

Now... I complain about east coast bias as much as the next guy. And I hate it when people call San Diego sports fans "fairweather". And it's the most ridiculous notion in the universe that we don't root for our teams because we have "better things to do". It's stupid I know. But I look at the way the all-star voting has gone so far and it drives me crazy that we're proving the country right.

How do we not have one Padre as a top vote getter. Eff SportsCenter. Eff your dumb excuse that we don't get enough national coverage. It's YOUR FAULT that there isn't one guy up there. You need to take the initiative and actually vote.

Here's the top vote getting catchers:

  1. Mike Piazza (NY)- 447,259

  2. Paul Lo Duca (FLA)- 291,123

  3. Johnny Estrada (ATL)- 166,971

  4. Yadier Molina (STL)- 143,671

  5. Michael Barrett (CHI)- 130,409

I mean, Mike Piazza and Paul Lo Duca I can handle, popularity contests being what they are. But how in the living hell does Ramon Hernandez not beat out Johnny Estrada? Yadier Molina!? MICHAEL BARRETT!?!?! Has the entire world gone crazy!? Ramon Hernandez is the best catcher in the league. Arguably the best backstop in all of baseball. Look it up. No, I won't give you a link. You look it up yourself... Fine, here's a link: look at the numbers yourself. Now take what you know and GO VOTE FOR RAMON HERNANDEZ.

In the outfield, here's how the voting's gone:
  1. Carlos Beltran, N.Y. Mets - 527,433

  2. Jim Edmonds, St. Louis - 402,419

  3. Ken Griffey Jr., Cincinnati - 261,554

  4. Larry Walker, St. Louis - 228,392

  5. Miguel Cabrera, Florida - 225,098

  6. Bobby Abreu, Philadelphia - 220,216

  7. Cliff Floyd, N.Y. Mets - 219,155

  8. Andruw Jones, Atlanta - 215,156

  9. Milton Bradley, Los Angeles - 187,143

  10. Pat Burrell, Philadelphia - 150,112

  11. J.D. Drew, Los Angeles - 141,736

  12. Corey Patterson, Chicago Cubs - 138,811

  13. Barry Bonds, San Francisco - 138,571

  14. Reggie Sanders, St. Louis - 138,014

  15. Adam Dunn, Cincinnati - 136,079

What is this list? Who are these people? How are Dave Roberts, Brian Giles and Ryan Klesko being so blatantly ignored!? I get sick to my stomach. I get ill. Every night, these guys come up clutch for YOU. NOW YOU COME UP CLUTCH FOR THEM. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE.

It makes no sense. It incenses me, that we can't support our own people to be recognized. Stop complaining about east coast bias. At the game tonight, I'm grabbing every single ballot I can find and I'm voting all Padres. Screw all those Cardinals. Did you people forget that we dominated the Cardinals? They play against little leaguers in that division anyways. Braves? Florida? We OWN them. Humility is one thing. Blatantly refusing to appreciate what's sitting in front of you is completely different and inexcusable.

If you're online, vote. If you're at the game tonight, grab as many ballots as you can and VOTE. If you normally root for an AL team, then you should probably know that the Padres deserve your vote. If you root for an NL team that's not the Padres, then you obviously came here for a reason and that's cause you know the Padres are better than your team. Like, seriously. Waaaaay better.

In conclusion: If the Padres aren't able to send a starter to the All-Star game then all Padres "fans", me included, deserve a swift kick in the jock.

(I'm sorry that I got so angry. I'm a little hungry and when I get hungry I kinda get grumpy.)