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Ah June

April brought disappointment and disatisfaction. May brought the best baseball team in the history of the universe. What will June bring?

A bullet list load of links:

  • Catfish Stew writes up his SurfDawgs experience. Everybody loves the SurfDawgs.

  • A nice article about the guy who puts the Ks up in right field is graced with an unfortunately bad title: He has role, just as each player has. What kind of title is that? Why would I want to read an article with a title that difficult to work out? The article actually pretty good, but I would have titled it: When it comes to strikeouts, he's all Ks.

  • Richard compares our lineup to the league averages to try to find "weaknesses". He points out that third and second have been spots where the Padres haven't been quite up to par (injuries would be the obvious explanation), but my suggestion would be to compare the hitters to other teams' hitters based on their spots in the lineup and not on the field. It makes the comparisons significantly more difficult to do. Damian Jackson, to give one example, bats further down in the lineup than Mark Loretta normally would, but that's exactly why the comparisons are potentially misleading. Though I guess with the averages across the league, you'd find something. I dunno. I have to think about it.

  • Last day to reserve spots for the Padres Pizza Feed on the 24th of this month. My reservations: IN.

More later.

Update [2005-6-1 12:22:52 by jbox]:

  • I went to the "Altitude Skybar" place on top of the Marriott in the Gaslamp. It was just as David promised. Really nice view, and suprisingly not too crowded. I thought I was gonna be underdressed as usual, but it was mostly Padre fan types. No slick club type dudes. They got the firepit when it gets cold and a bunch of flat screens with the game on. I left during the 6th inning and when I get back to the car the Pads regained the lead.
  • Also I took the Trolley downtown from Mission Valley. It wasn't crowded at all like I thought it would be for a Padres game. I think people have given up on the Trolley. It took almost an hour to get to the ballpark, maybe that's why. Make sure you buy a trolley ticket though, because the security busted in like special forces and checked our tickets.