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Gaslamp Exclusive! Special Report: From Saint Louis!

Courtesy of a Secret Source in Saint Louis:

It was a beautiful day for baseball.  Sunny and in the high 70's/low 80's.  Our seats were in the middle section, just behind home plate.  We were under a canopy so we were kept in the shade (and why some of the pics are fuzzy, taking photos of daylight when you're in the shadows isn't ideal).

Bert, his girl Sarah, and one of Kelly's teachers, Dana were in attendence, trying to see if the club could stop the red hot Padres.  Our #2 guy, Chris Carpenter was on the mound, so we felt strong about the chances of winning. We grabbed some beers, hot dogs and peanuts and were ready to go.

Coming into the game, we took a good look (and pictures) of the ongoing construction of the new Busch Stadium.  It's being built directly behind the existing stadium and as soon as the season is over, they'll demolish the old park and finish construction in time for the 2006 opener.  As many fond memories I have of Busch Stadium, it'll be tough to see it go, but the new park looks awesome.

The game got off to a rocking start as we saw back to back homers from Larry Walker and Albert Pujols.   Nothing like getting the crowd riled up in the early innings and getting a little breathing room for the pitcher.   Also, at this point, the Yankees were finally winning a game, so I was in a really good mood.

Carpenter settled in and so did the Padre's Eaton.   Several big innings were avoided by the Padres, so you have to give them credit.  

Then, everything fell apart.   Two balls over Larry Walker's head (one hitting his glove) and the red hot Giles helps put the Padres on top, 5-3.  Although a lot of the energy in the park was deflated, two runs was not a huge deficit to overcome.   I know the bullpen is getting a lot of abuse at Gaslamp, but it's been pretty solid up until the Spanish Priest came into town.

The Cards threatened late in the game, but the Padres bullpen mowed down Walker (who threw his helmet in disgust), Pujols and Edmonds.....tough feat.   Trevor only had to get through a few bench players, and the game was over.   Eckstein, Reggie Sanders and So Tagucchi aren't exactly the murder's row....but they're still all tough outs.  ('re looking Soooooooo Tagucchi)

No one in the stadium knows what Rolen was thinking trying to stretch that single into a double.  I've never seen a major leaguer thrown out by so many feet before.  Very strange.  Same with Walker's play in right.  He's coming off an injury, and maybe LaRussa had him playing shallow for a reason....but he got burned twice.   Those three plays were key to this loss.

Anyway, I think the Cards can afford a few losses right now...and the Pads can use em.  Just make sure to beat up on the Cubs and Stros too.  Oh, and let us have tomorrows game.........jeez.

Ahh the Gateway to the West! There's the Arch on the right and the new Busch being constructed.

There's some typical fans on the left and on the right... uhhh I forgot what I was gonna say.

Ahh the Padres pitching in the original Busch.

Home Run Pujols! Brought to you by Bud Light and KMOX!

Here's the new Busch Ballpark under construction