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Open Thread, 5/7: San Diego vs St. Louis

Eaton (3-1, 3.48) vs Carpenter (4-1, 3.86). 11:15 AM start.

Now here's a test for the Padres. You've got a good pitching matchup today. You've won the first two. Everybody in San Diego would be "satisfied" with splitting a series against the NL champs.

You see where I'm going with this.

Let's go Padres. Let's show the Cardinals who really belongs on top. Patience at the plate. Get to their bullpen again. Exploit the late inning advantage you have with your solid bench and bullpen. Cardinals have all the flash up front, but baseball is a game of nine innings. If you have to beat them in the last three innings, that's fine with me.

Update [2005-5-7 14:7:4 by Dex]: Beyond the Box Score has their weekly NL Roundup today. The Padres project into second place though I think May will be more indicative of this season than April was. Still, there's no denying April. Another win in St. Louis will do a lot in the eyes of the prognosticators. Did I spell that right?