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Trevor Hoffman... 400 saves.

That's four-hundy.


Four double-OHHHH YEAH!

I had downplayed 400 saves before, but let's be honest. Trevor Hoffman: Greatest closer in the history of the game. Dennis Eckersley? A setup man. Mariano Rivera? Not so much clutch. Eric Gagne? Yeah, Gagne's good if you need somebody to help carry Trevor's jock.

After the game, Trevor did a quick interview with Leitner and Flannery and his voice cracked when he talked about his parents. He could barely get through it as he thanked his mom and said that he knew his dad was watching from above with the best seat in the house. I swear jbox's eyes misted.

It's been a great year for the Padres, slow start and all. First Jerry in the Hall and now Trevor with 400.

Well done, Trevor! We'll go easy on you for a little while at least.