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You smell that?

That's the smell of a winning streak. Earlier, I facetiously predicted Padres domination. I say that only because the Padres seemed to barely get by the Rockies. And let's face it. When you have seven guys who could potentially qualify for rookie of the year, that's not a team to be scared of. The Padres edged out the Rox three games in a row and the final, extra innings game seemed to leave them depleted. If not mentally, then physically. It was looking like the Cardinals might be primed to take advantage.

Little did I know!

Just last week I would have been happy with the Padres winning 4 of 5, and now we're at 4 in a row and 6 of 7. Awesome.

And somebody finally woke Giles up. That's what's exciting. The offense in St. Louis finally looked like it was clicking. Finally, the heart of the order looked intimidating. Finally, production out of 3-4-5. Finally, the Padres actually beat a team.

So this is what it feels like, eh? Today, we take pride in having beat the NL Champs. Tomorrow, another game. May gets the start. I like the potential pun there as it looks like this is month where we finally warm up.