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Padres All-Stars?

Do the Padres have any all star starters this season? Voting has started and Padres fans have to start figuring out who to back.

Ramon Hernandez is arguably the best hitting catcher in the NL. Leads the NL catchers in slugging, hits and RBIs. Lo Duca's the obvious competition though. Does Ramon have the name recognition that Lo Duca has?

Mark Loretta, coming off of a fine year last year has started off slow. Second base isn't lacking on the NL this season either. Kent, Biggio, and Vidro all starting out very hot. Does Mark Loretta have what it takes?

Trevor Hoffman has blown two saves already and Padres fans may have soured on him just a little bit this season. However, pitchers are chosen by the coaches and Trevor's still recognized as a premier closer by most. Also, Trevor chases history this season and has a fair shot at being second on the all time saves list by the break. Does Trevor make it?

Jake Peavy will make it. Jake Peavy must make it. Remember this? Where are Prior and Sheets now? Josh Beckett is living up to the hype, and so is Jake, regardless of the lack of wins.

Dark horse candidate: Dave Roberts. Boston fans see Dave Roberts with rose colored glasses since The Steal. Injury slowed him early this season, but he's been productive in the lineup and has the name recognition and is still well liked by fans in LA and Boston.

So my picks are Ramon, Peavy, Hoffman and Roberts. Kev, jbox and Jon all disagreed with me about Hoffman. Jbox thinks Loretta has a better shot at it than I do, but doubts Ramon. Besides Hoffman, Jon agrees with my choices.