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Padres Stuff from Yesterday

No pixie curse could stop Giles. It's amazing how much better the Padres look when they play both offense and defense.

I almost barfed when Burroughs got picked off first with the bases loaded. They cut to Bochy real fast and he had his head buried in his arms. Does Davey Lopes have to take some of the blame for that? He shoulda been watching Burroughs.

Burroughs came back in the last half of the inning and gloved all three outs. A great defensive day for him.

Pads got tagged with the first triple play of the season. Triple plays look so easy sometimes.

Brian Lawrence had a great outing. He got a little stuck in his routine of trying to throw that first pitch strike though. Once the Cards started jumping on the first pitch they got about 3 or 4 hits in a row. Our starters aren't getting much love in the Wins column.

I like Mark Grant so much better then Vasgersian. He has that optomism and sense of humor that is charming. Vasg has that dry, bitter humor that is annoying. Grant has that lucky Irish Shalaylee that he uses to start rallies. After Giles hit the 3 run homer Grant starts waving it in Vasg's face. He should have hit him with it.

Could somebody please tell me why Jerry Coleman hasn't been on 1090 the entire week?

NY POST: "According to Kevin Brown, all he needed Tuesday night was two extra infielders and everything would have been fine."

Update [2005-5-6 13:18:2 by jbox]:

I forgot to mention that Hammond has a nasty filthy dirty change up. Does it rival Hoffman's change? You tell me! (Vote in the Poll)