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Secret Source dishes on Pulsipher

Have you heard the story about that Pulsipher guy that pitched last night?

He was a prime prospect with the Mets when Izzy was there.  Got hurt.  And then tried to come back and had all these anxiety and depression problems.

He wouldn't take his meds so it got worse.

Once he got right taking his meds he went back and got a job on the grounds crew on a minor league team.

They let him pitch on the field between games.  And he worked his way back through the minors last year.

Izzy got him a look this spring and he made the roster and got hurt again early not he is back.

The new stadium is going to be sweet.  I don't know how much different it is from all the other retro stadiums that have been built lately, but it is going to be way better than the old one.  The best thing about it is going to be the new sight lines. Old Busch was built as a multipurpose stadium, so the sight lines for baseball were not that good.

Update [2005-5-6 12:2:36 by jbox]:

For some reason I keep wanting to call this guy Pillpusher.