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Open Thread, 5/5: Padres vs Cardinals, Cinco de Mayo style!

Brian Lawrence (2-3, 5.46) vs Matt Morris (2-0, 2.12)

Here's the current Vegas line:

Favorite         Open    Cur    Underdog       O/U
ST. LOUIS       -175.4  -185    SAN DIEGO       9
What a horrible thing it is to bet on baseball. And I don't mean morally. I just mean mathematically. They shouldn't ban players from doing this. If a player or coach can make sense of Vegas' MLB lines, they need to harness that power somehow. Use it for good. Like battling the various curses inflected on teams.

St. Louis, according to Vegas is almost a 2 to 1 favorite over the visiting Padres. Didn't Vegas see us crush the Rockies? One win after another and each one more devastating than the last. And those were young, energetic dudes. The Cardinals are old. Old and busted. The Padres beat down a team that was young and sexy and left their players to ponder their futures in the league. I heard Barmes was talked down off a ledge after realizing how inadequate he was against the mighty Padres. Jeff Francis was seen after the game at Ghiradelli's crying into his chocolate milk.

What they'll do to the Cardinals this weekend? The devestation and decimation. I shudder.

Update [2005-5-5 16:15:18 by jbox]:

What will be the outcome of the STL series? Vote in the poll.