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Curse of Kournikova

Tim Sullivan thinks that Anna Kournikova cursed Brian Giles.  Ever since catching her first pitch he has been hitless.  I think Sullivan is really reaching here.  First the Ish Curse and now this?  Please.  

To be honest I'm suprised that Giles was affected at all by Kournikova.  Maybe a little preoccupied asking for tanning tips, hair dye secrets or leg shaving techniques.

"He kissed the princess," manager Bruce Bochy said, "and turned into a frog."

Warts and all.

"That's right," Giles said, smiling. "It's Anna's fault. I'm too good a player."

You know you are doing bad when you are getting hitting empathy from Ryan Klesko.  

"(Giles) probably just needs a bleeder, or a couple over the third baseman's head, or something.

I know, I know he hit 3 home runs in his last 8 at bats, but still.

Then Nevin chimes in, like he's some sorta expert.

At this point in the interview, first baseman Phil Nevin stopped eavesdropping and started his own interrogation.

"What's going to happen?" Nevin asked, archly. "You going to get a hit?"

Great question Phil.  I can just imagine him asking this question.  His face emotionless and his mouth barely open and this real deep gravelly voice coming out of his pie hole.  I'm glad the Padres don't have team captains.  I know some how Phil and Ryan would be wearing that "C" on their uniform.  

You know I blame Tony Gwynn for these two guys.  Remember at his retirement speech how he told everybody that Klesko and Nevin were their leaders now that he was leaving.  Telling the younger guys to listen to them and learn from their play.  It went to their head.  These guys weren't meant to be leaders.  

I'm glad we have Loretta.  The type of leader that the Pads need.  

Update [2005-5-5 16:21:8 by jbox]:

Is the curse for real? Vote in the poll.


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