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The Padres complete the sweep of the Rockies. Maybe there is something to this team.

While I was riding the bus home from work, Purple Row and DavidLizerBlog posted game reports. David, somewhat smugly, pointed this out to us in the open thread. But don't worry, dear reader! Gaslamp Ball is here with a game report before Ducksnorts and Padres MVN. So, no rotten blogger tag here. All you Gaslamp Ballers can rest assured you're still getting timely posts.

What did we learn from this game?

  • Peavy's unlucky in getting "stats" like "wins".
  • Ryan Klesko is clutch in the daytime. Like a reverse vampire.
  • Petco Park in the daytime turns the Padres into sluts. A base hit is one thing, but the Padres were letting those guys get to second and third base pretty easy. I mean come on. Have some self respect.
  • Brian Giles must really not care about a contract.
Isn't this the last year of Giles' contract? Where are the Beltre 2004 numbers? Don't ballplayers usually respond to this kind of pressure?

It's very tough to figure that guy out. As hurt as the Padres are, and as deep into the bench as we've gotten, there are still players on this team that wouldn't mind getting a daily start and that are productive right now. That solid homestand has bought him some time, but he better figure it out soon. Having a healthy Blum and a healthy Khalil soon could really squeeze Giles out of his spot.

Next... St. Louis...