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Open Thread, 5/4: Sea Level vs Mile High

Jason Jennings vs the Wicked Witch of the West... Jake Peavy.

It doesn't even seem fair.

Something to look out for. Hoffman is sitting on 399 saves. One away from the attractively divisible by 10, number 400. 400 saves club is exclusive to be sure (Lee Smith, John Franco, Trevor Hoffman shortly), but nobody seems all that impressed by it. 400 saves by itself obviously isn't getting anybody into the Hall of Fame.

I feel a little bit bad for closers. Traditionalists don't acknowledge them as they want pitchers to go 11 innings and throw 249 pitches every single start. Like they used to in the good old days. Moneyball new school stat fans don't like them because the save is considered a fluff stat. Not a truly important one.

About the only people who like the saves as a stat are people who like the flash and glam of guys like Mariano Rivera, Eric Gagne and of course, Trevor. And let's be honest... We're the lowest common demoninator. Ain't nobody getting into the Hall of Fame these days pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Go Padres!