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Padres win. Hyzdu designated for assignment. Curse: Still in effect

Padres won yesterday 2-1, ensuring a solid homestand. A sweep today would be excellent. I didn't get to see the game, but it's nice to see that the Padres are capable of a comeback win.

In his notes on last night's game, Geoff at Ducksnorts says the Curse of the Fifth Starter is now over. He calls it "rubbish". However, Tim redding did not get the win last night. Our fifth starter is still winless! Oh mighty curse. Please ignore what our fellow and most respected blogger says! We still acknowledge you and will do whatever it takes to appease your wrath!

And like I said in the comments for last night's game which you might have read had you looked... Hyzdu's been designated for assignment at AAA Portland. The Curse of the Fifth claims another victim as this was Hyzdu's fifth start with the team. Let's remember Hyzdu now with some links:

Someday, I'm hoping Hyzdu will return. Until that day Portland is graced with his presence.

Day game today, boys. Looks like a definite heavy mist outside my window.

Update [2005-5-4 12:7:5 by Dex]:
Rox Grrrl thinks Bochy's made a pact with the devil. Hey Bochy! Whatever it takes, homie. You do whatever it takes.