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Yesterday's Game

That's rough for Hyzdu to get reassigned right after winning the game by himself the day before.  I heard that Bochy was supposed to tell him that night, but couldn't do it because he was so excited and happy.  He decided to wait til yesterday to tell him.  The night before he was cracking jokes, laughing, feeling great.  Next day he's packing his bags real quietly.  Hyzdu made some funny comments on the radio yesterday about how it's important to get big hits with runners on base, because that way you can score more.  I can't do it justice, but the way he was stating the obvious like he was an expert was cracking me up.

At least DJ came through big at the end of the game after his error earlier.  Nice to see DJ contribute.  Leitner was wondering who was faster Roberts or Jackson.  He wants to set up a race between them.  He'd very much like to see that.  If it is going to bring Leitner some kinda joy, I say they do it.  Get a lawn chair complete with umbrella and cocktail and let Leitner watch Roberts and Jackson race each other everywhere.

I may have figured out why Klesko was wearing his socks so high the other night.  The announcer opposite Mark Grant was telling a story about Matt Williams.  I'm pretty sure it was Williams anyway.  Whenever he got in a slump he'd put on his "hitting boots" and get the short pants and tall socks.  He thought this helped him hit.  Baseball players are nuts.  I try to keep telling Klesko. There's only one way to slump bust. I know he must read the site.  Jump on the grenade for the team Klesko.  Grace would do it.

Anyway Klesko killed that ball last night.  That ball went into some sorta worm hole right after it left the bat and was teleported into the stands in right field.  It left the ball park so quick.  

Which brings me to the Rockie fan who caught the home run ball.  I salute you sir.  He caught the ball and gave it to a little Padres fan.  The kid was so happy, he tucked the ball in his glove and put it under his jacket.  Rockie fan sat back all casual with his arm around his girl friend wearing his Rockies jersey.  Would Jon do that?  Hmmmm. I'm guessing no.

Where's Jerry Coleman?  I haven't heard him on a radio broadcast in a long time.  Like 3 or 4 days?  He usually does most home games, but it's just been Ted and Flan.  I hope he's alright.

Who was the guy in the booth with Mark Grant last night?  I didn't recognize him.  

I like this whole "Big League Hair" ceremony that Sweeney started.  Sweeney waits at the top steps of the dug out and removes the helmet from the scoring player.  It's so official looking.  I think I laugh every time I see it.  Sweeney is a funny guy.

Well we got a 2 game win streak.  Let's see if today Trevor can get save #400 at home.  He made me nervous giving up that lead off double yesterday.  How do people not know that the change up is coming?  The players that are smart enough to sit on the change up seem to always get a hit.   Good luck Hoffman.

Update [2005-5-4 12:2:3 by jbox]:Oh I saw that Padres Jersey guy that snaked the ball from Jon got another ball last night. He always uses a glove though. He's gotten like 8 balls this season. I say no gloves for guys over 15 years old.