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Too good...

Just got back from the game last night. Jbox scored us some free seats. Kev was all over posting an open game thread. Jonny Dub didn't complain once about sitting in the upper deck. Somehow they don't find a spot in the lineup for everybody's favorite guy, Xavier Nady. And another Padre not named Phil Nevin comes through in the clutch.

I know Nevin got a couple base hits and what not, but it would've been nice if he had gotten a base hit when the bases were loaded instead of swinging for the fences. I was so trying to give him positive Karma, but it was a little difficult. Just before he came up to bat, the Brewers had a pitching change and they played a Nevin video montage. Nevin just stood and stared at the screen full of his clutchness from once upon a time. You'd think, dear reader, that the power of positive visualization would have given Nevin some extra oomph, but all it did was make him truly believe that he'd be able to jack one out of the park for a grand slam. I'm really trying hard to root for that guy, but sometimes he makes it difficult.

Geoff Jenkins making the back to back defensive plays really sucked the life out of the stadium also. They even replayed the one diving catch on the big screen as if to throw it in Dave Roberts' face. Dave Roberts of course having two very similar chances early in the game. One going back to the wall that he missed and the one going to his left that he dove for and missed.

Still, it would be the Padres amazing Mojo that finally saw the game through. I'll tell you something about faith. With two down, the runner on first and Ojeda hitting for the pitcher, Jon turned to us and said, "If Ojeda's hitting for the pitcher, who's pitching next inning? They don't have anybody up in the bullpen." To which I replied, "There's no need. They're going to win it right here." Jon said, "Maybe, but what if they don't?" I told Jon to have a little faith, but I'll admit it dawned on me a little that with the runner on first, the only way they'd win it right then was with an extra base hit. Sure enough though... Miguel Ojeda is a superhero.

Scanning my Compadres card, my reward this time around was a Padres jersey bottle koozy. Now I'll be able to dress my Dr Peppers in an attractive blue jersey and imagine that I'm twisting off Phil Nevin's head before drinking refreshing beverage from his decapitated body. I'm just kidding. Positive thoughts for Nevin. Positive thoughts for Nevin.

Cream of the crop. They're so good. Tied the club record for most wins in a row at home. Already the winningest month in club history. Is it possible to better than '98 good?

Update [2005-5-31 16:37:13 by jbox]:

Quick view from our seats. Can't believe Jon didn't complain about needing oxygen.

We made ourselves sick eating all of Jess's kettlecorn. This girl on the right was reading "A Tale of Two Cities" during the whole game. Except when she was checking out "Green Shirt Dude"

Pads win!