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Sunday Night

Padres are playing sick right now.  In case you didn't hear it mentioned a thousand times today, the Pads set two records.  

1.  20 wins in a month.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe there are still 2 more games this month as well. Sandy and Bruce know it:

"A great month!" said Sandy Alderson, San Diego's new chief executive officer. "And I know Bruce wants a couple more wins."

2.  They also set a franchise record playing 10 games without an error.

Very impressive.  Also, Chris Hammond and his wicked-nasty change up are 5-0.

So it looks like the UT has something new on their website.  It's "The Inside Pitch"

SignOnSanDiego designed the Inside Pitch to provide our users with Web-specific content, including up-to-minute blog updates, sound clips and video snapshots of the Padres.

Pretty much what they are saying is that you don't need to be coming here anymore.  I really shouldn't have told you that, right?  Dex is gonna be so mad.  But if you do decide to switch to The Inside Pitch (I'm a poet), then all I have to say is "good luck".

Good luck getting Tom Krasovic to draw you pictures of Nevin riding a unicorn.  Good luck hoping Bill Center will write you Haiku game updates.  

Who loves ya, baby?  

Gaslamp Ball, believe it!