Foul Ball Mishandle

I figure I better comment on this whole debacle.

As you can see from the pics I'm in perfect position to make the play.  Initially three of us go for it.  What the camera doesn't show is the ball getting wedged under a gate that makes up part of the wall.  Nobody can seem to get it dislodged giving the opportunity for more ball hungry fans to come storming in, sending me and some others crashing onto the field.  Unfortunately I land on my forehead and suffer a bunch of cuts. I'm trying to keep my feet in the stands.  It's too late!  I'm on the field.  At this point I figure I better give up getting this ball and head back into the seats.  The guy under me ends up with the souvenir, as I have blood running down my face.  The game ended up going 15 innings and there was plenty of action.  At the end of the game the best highlights are shown on the Jumbotron.  All the clips focused on the game except one.....

I caught one foul ball and two homerun balls at the Q, I can't get any love at Petco.

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