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Bochy's lineup from last night

Hyzdu, CF
Loretta, 2B
Nevin, 1B
Hernandez, C
Ojeda, LF
Nady, RF
Burroughs, 3B
Garcia, SS
Eaton, P

Good lineup. I like this lineup for two reasons. First, it shows that Bochy's capable of thinking outside the box even though he's obviously stacking all of his right handers up against the lefty. A matchup Bochy absolutely luuuuvs. Second, combined with Bochy getting thrown out of the game last night, it shows Bochy's finally recognized that his back's up against the wall and screw what people think, he's gonna put what he feels is the best lineup on the field.

Ojeda in left is a great move. Two nights ago, Ojeda hits a double and a triple. Bochy thinks to himself, I wonder how I can capitalize on that? Hmmmm... Klesko in left field, last four games... 0-4, 1-4, 0-4, 1-3... I'll stick Ojeda in left field. Everybody gets mad at me when I move Klesko for Hyzdu's defense. Well, what do you think about THIS!?

How does Ojeda reward our man Bochy? Two for four with a double. How does Hyzdu respond to batting leadoff? Three run double.

All in all, the lineup was very La Russa-esque. Not a bad thing. Now that we have a couple of righties coming up, I wonder what Bochy will do.