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Two for Tuesday

Notes that I took while watching last night's game since my computer is still out of commission and I couldn't comment in the open thread:

  • Jeff Francis Looks 14
  • Crazy lineup today
  • Bochy got run!
  • Hyzdu is clutch
  • Homerun to Todd!?
  • Ojeda lookin' good in left
And that's basically what I wrote. It's mostly self explanatory. My Todd Helton note was just my annoyance that there's exactly one person in the lineup who can do damage, and they let him do it. I overreacted at the time. It was a solo shot and he got ahold of one that didn't miss by much.

In other news... There are two new SportsBlogs. Beyond the Box Score which is a stats and SABR style site and Crawfish Boxes which covers the Houston Astros. Can somebody tell me what Crawfish Boxes means because jbox and I couldn't figure it out. I guess I could ask them, but I get shy.

More throughout the day...