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All Padres. All the time.

ESPN's so impressed with the Friars right now. Who can blame them? Talk about an impressive way to win the rubber match.

SportsNation poll asks several Padres questions. SportsNation voters are thinking Padres all the way. I hope people know who Peavy is now. Peavy was belle of the ball tonight.

John Kruk gushes over the Padres also, and includes this funny bit:

A large part of the reason for the success of guys like Adam Eaton and Jake Peavy actually resides in Boston in the form of David Wells. I recently spoke with Wells and he said those two guys were constantly asking him questions about the tactics and strategy of pitching.
I like David Wells and all, but seriously Boomer, you can't be taking credit for our guys after leaving us for Boston this season. Jerk.

And the game itself was great. Jake Peavy was sick with his stuff. The Padres got to Webb early and didn't let up. Everybody looked really good. The nicest guy in the world, Dave Roberts, came through again today. The Big League Hair is flowing beautifully in the wind. The mojo seems intact. And everybody who watched or listened to the game can notch another Major League Memory. Jake's first complete game!

Giants, here we come!