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Maybe it's time for another talk

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I'm trying to catch up on some WDJCDT? to take my mind off the game last night. That was some kinda sloppy. Seems obvious to put the blame on Aki, but Seanez didn't exactly come in lights out either. Ramon Hernandez's failure to act just a little bit ladylike and put his knees together gave up that run on the wild pitch. And don't get me started on May. Ugh...

Anyways, what else is going on. UT reports that Eric Young will probably be back before Loretta. I can't tell if that's good news or bad news considering how long Eric Young was supposed to be out for. I guess the news that we'll be getting anybody back eventually is good news. Rickey Henderson playing in San Diego again is good news. I love Rickey. I can't wait to see him play for the SurfDawgs. Peavy vs Webb is awesome to be sure. Like prizefighters going at it.

The book on Nevin. Throw three pitches. Nevin's so off right now, you could probably bounce them up there. I could strike out Nevin. If we're moving Aki closer to middle relief, can we go ahead and drop Nevin to bat 7th? If he complains, can we get Ojeda to slap him?