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Golden Baseball!

Opening Day is Thursday and the UT has a nice writeup of what to expect. I'm most psyched about Rickey Henderson and this Japanese team.

Several Japanese traditions will be observed when the Bears play. Three of note:
  • Sushi and tempura will be served at games.

  • The playing of taiko drums in the stands.

  • Handing teddy bears and flowers to players after they touch home plate after a home run.
They should have a taiko drummer in the stands for when Aki comes up to pitch.

I hope the league does well because if it does it will satisfy an inkling that I've had that a minor league team would do just fine in close proximity to a major league team. To me, a minor league ballpark in east county or San Ysidro seems viable. I'm thinking short season rookie league or low A. If it was an affiliate of the Padres, all the better. During the offseason it could host college/high school/adult leage/little league tournaments. The more baseball, the better, right?