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Phil Nevin for Mike Cameron

This UT notes section tries to tease me.

Reports continue to circulate that the Padres might be seeking Mets outfielder Mike Cameron in exchange for Phil Nevin.

And General Manager Kevin Towers continues to deny them.

"Everyone knows we had interest in Cameron when he was a free agent," Towers said. "But the Mets and I have not talked. Could it happen down the road? You never know what might come up later in the season. But there is absolutely nothing to that right now."

On Baseball Tonight on ESPN, Harold McReynolds was asked to choose which NL guys would make a good DH for an AL team.  He chose Phil Nevin as one of his three.  His reason being that he's never really found a comfortable fit playing defense.

Meanwhile, Phil hasn't hit a home run since May 1 and is leading the team in Strike Outs with 38.  Everybody on the 1090 says they aren't worried about Phil.  Me?  I'm worried.  His swing is a mess right now.  It's one thing if you got your swing together and you are hitting the ball hard, like Giles was doing.

I hope he comes around.