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Canepa and Moores on steroids

Nick Canepa on the Steroids problem. Moores dislikes Congress as far as steroids goes.

"They just don't know how to deal with it," Moores says. "Everybody knows what the real problem is. The No. 1 thing they don't want is for young kids to be encouraged to take the stuff."
Irony. Who's encouraging young people to take the stuff? Do you think it could possibly be the area scout who looks at a young athlete and says, "If you just developed a little more power, you'd be a big leaguer"? Could it be the area scout's boss who instructs his scouts to looke for "tools" as opposed to "makeup"? I believe the Padres are probably on the up and up, but it's just a little irritating to read about Moores siding with Bud. Especially when Bud's stance is basically, It's not Us it's Them.

Here's a Canepa quote:
Do we honestly think preps are going to stop if Congress passes a bill radically upgrading penalties for the pros? Not a chance.
Actually, there is a chance. If a team has players continually hit with these huge suspensions, don't you think that will trickle down? Eventually, team philosophies will have to change to accomodate the idea that, Hey! Maybe we better draft guys out of prep and college that don't need roids to make it in the bigs! Wouldn't that be a novel idea? For the record, I may be too hard on Canepa and Moores regarding this topic, but honestly, if Canepa's willing to entertain ideas like this:
The men and women on Capitol Hill should go for mandatory testing in high schools - and pay for it by purchasing maybe one fewer bomber or cutting back on pork.
Then what's wrong with a tougher stance at every level?