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Odds and Ends

Fox Announcers pick the Padres to win the NL West:

"I really love Bruce Bochy as a manager," Buck added. "They've got the closer in Trevor Hoffman that teams would love to have. The pieces are all there and if it comes together and the question about health (is answered) and if they add somebody down the stretch, that could be the team that ends up winning the NL West."

Said McCarver: "I feel the same way and I feel as strong as Joe does about the tandem leading that team, Kevin Towers and Bruce Bochy. . . . I like the Padres a lot. I think the Padres right now will win the National League West."

Dex will be glad to know that Matt Vasgersian is coming back to the booth after an illness.  I like how there is no mention of where Jerry Coleman went for a few weeks and there is an article about Vasg.  I love Mark Grant teamed up with just about anybody else.  Tim Flannery, Tony Gwynn, uhhh that other guy.

Listening to 1090 today at lunch and caller Chris called in to rip on Nevin.  "Nevin is automatic (sounds like a compliment)... he's got no clutch".  Philly Billy went crazy trying to defend Nevin.  He made the excuse that the team is winning so it doesn't matter as long as the job is getting done.  Caller Chris explained that he was calling in just to get Philly Billy mad.  Oddly enough I went to Oggi's pizza in Mission Valley too.  Philly Billy's favorite sponsor and restaurant.

HUGE NEWS! (from the same UT article again) I'm all over this when they make it happen. That'll be awesome.

It's early, but the Padres are looking into how quickly they could get 42,000 "rally shillelaghs" made and sent to Petco Park for a promotion. If it happens, hope Mark Grant gets a cut of the gate that night.

Update [2005-5-20 17:25:48 by jbox]: Dex and I were chattin' and I was talking about how we should make our own shillelaghs for the next home game. He wants to make some signs too. One was "change up, SUCKA!". Dex said: "I'd hold it up and wave it around if hammond of hoff threw a changeup that the batter whiffs" You're task as a reader is to, come up with some sign ideas. Leave the ideas in the comments.