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In the shower this morning, I was singing the lyrics to Part of Your World to the tune from the Ducksnorts theme song. Look at this stuff! Ain't it neat! Don't you think! My collect! Shun's complete! (crazy guitar). I realized that it was symbolic of this next road trip. Not so much the lyrics, or the song itself, but just how crazy and non-sensical the Padres/Mariners rivalry is.

And yet, here we are. Ninth year running.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers and the Angels get to play each other. Why are the Angels still working that dumb "Los Angeles" thing? Who are these monkeys running the show? If you really wanted to increase your fan base, you'd change the name to the O.C. Angels. At home games, if a fan comes through the gates wearing the visiting team's gear, the ticket taker could point out the visiting fan and yell, "Welcome to the OC, bitch!" I haven't actually seen where that happens on the TV show, but I was told about it and it made me laugh.

Also, I wonder how good Barry Bonds is on the guitar.