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Bochy Contract Imminent

This UT article points out that Bochy's agent and Alderson will probably come to a contract agreement within the next two weeks.

"Before I came here, I saw Bruce as a very respected manager," Alderson said yesterday. "(But) I did feel it was important to be able to spend a little time personally and interact."

[editor's note, by Dex] I bet Alderson, from on high, is kicking himself now for not signing Bochy cheap during April. Or maybe, Alderson, from on high, somehow used the prognosticating abilities of Superscout Grady Fuson to predict that this recent run is how Bochy would respond. Oh how crafty these former Oakland A's executives are. Oh how crafty indeed.

Update [2005-5-20 12:15:46 by jbox]:

I'm more interested in what Bochy and Alderson did when spending personal time together. I can just imagine a busy Bochy trying to get the team ready and Alderson keeps calling to see if he wants to go watch the boats in the harbor.