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Jonny Baseball goes after a foul ball

Here's the actual video. All rights reserved by Channel 4 Padres or the Padres or somebody. it's definitely not us though.


[editor's note, by Dex]
Through the magic of technology, jbox got screen captures of Jon's heroic attempt at a foul ball at Friday night's game. I added the commentary.

That's Jon outlined in spray paint. You see the guy in between Jon and the ump? That's me in my Brian Giles jersey.

This is the aftermath. After watching the video a couple of times I count four, maybe five, people who end up on the field. And yet... No ejections.

[editor's note, by jbox]See that girl in the pink coat? I have it on good authority that she was flirting with Dex the entire night and maybe, just maybe Dex was flirting back. Shut up Dex, you know it's true!

Here you can see the set up. Jon, in the tan jersey has the best play at the ball...

...But powder blue and black jacket have decided that they're willing to go over the wall to get the ball. Not to be outdone, Jon goes over the wall also. Later he'll say he was "pushed".

Jon sprawled out in spectacular fashion.

Jess is in the upper left corner of these photos. She's freaking out because of Jon's bloody head. The laughing girl underneath the diamond graphic is Jess's cousin Sara who loves a good train wreck (and also has a tendency to stare lustily at ballplayers when they walk near our seats. It's so true, Sara.)

And that's what we have so far. I need to get jbox to get some other screen captures because there's at least one where you can see the beginnings of the blood coming out of Jon's forehead. It's good.

[editor's note, by jbox] Ask and you shall receive. Here's the picture. Jon's in the upper left hand corner and you can see a bit of blood over his eye.