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What I've learned after watching the Padres for one month

I'm not so much good at the analysis and review, but Ducksnorts sums up the month quite nicely. I do know the specific things that I learned after watching this team for one month. Here they are:

  • Phil Nevin is clutch sometimes and other times, not so much clutch. This doesn't prove or disprove the existence of clutcheness. It only proves that Nevin is a fence sitter.

  • Jon is willing to bleed from the head for a chance at a foul ball. (Photos coming soon)

  • America sees the Pad Squad as true Padres fans though I strongly suspect that "America" was largely respresented by a Pad Squad mailing list.

  • There's a conspiracy being hatched in the comments sections to stalk John Weisbarth.

  • If the three headed monster doesn't start consistently performing like the rest of the bullpen, somebody's going to have to take away their nickname.

  • Big League Hair does not constitute consistent production.

  • Pad Squad learnings:
    • It is a dude in the Friar costume. Verified.
    • When you beg and beg the Pad Squad for that foam baseball and they snub you and later you think about how silly you were, being a grown man and all, begging for a foam baseball... That's called a Major League Memory®
    • Not even Pad Squadders could tell you for sure why some of them wear gloves.

  • Mark Grant has a fan club.

  • Since our fifth starter has been cursed by Ismael Valdez, the Padres should seriously consider a 4-man rotation.
And that's what I learned. Granted, it's not much, but it's a start.

I'm sure others learned other things. What did you learn after one month?