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We're watching ESPN and Channel 4 right now

Jonny Dub, Dex and I are watching TV tonight.  We are going through Padres withdrawls right now.  

We just saw "web gems" and I wondered aloud if the number one web gem was gonna be Barry Bonds walking on his crutch or getting an I.V. removed. They can't go 2 minutes without mentioning Bonds.

I'm realizing now that John Weisbarth is our direct competition.  He is reporting on Petco Park food, on where hot chicks sit in the ballpark and video games.  That's our niche, Weisbarth!  Which reminds me that I need to try and contact him for an interview again.  He ignored my previous email, but I'd like to see him try that twice!

Jon is wearing a Mariners hat right now.  He loves Ichiro.  It's never okay, but as a Padres fan shouldn't you at least refrain from wearing the opposing teams cap when we are playing them in the next series?