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Peavy review. Closer comments. And Scott Linebrink sings!

Fellow Sportsblogger John Sickels has a prospect retrospective on Jake Peavy. Now that we know how awesome he is, it's interesting to read up on how he got here professionally. Jake Peavy, I mean. Though John Sickels is pretty awesome in his own right.

Elsewhere, Beyond the Box Score has an interesting piece on NL closers. Basically evaluating the NL closers with some good analysis. If you hadn't realized it before, the Padres bullpen is awesome... Especially when you compare it to bullpens around the league. The Padres bullpen is a special forces unit compared to the boy scouts other teams have. I remember a standup routine pointing out that the boy scout oath has something about defending the country. How bad does it have to get before the president calls on the boy scouts to defend the country? That's basically what's happening with other major league clubs. Not us though. We have the A-Team in the bullpen. No job too big or small. Our bullpen's like the Thundercats.

Finally, I was turned on to this CD last night. One is on its way. I can't wait to check it out. Songs sung by Major League ballplayers including Scott Linebrink! Scott was born and raised in Austin, Texas. That's right... Live music capital of the world. So my expectations are up there considering music should be in his bones. Austin's also home to Spamarama. Man, Austin's so cool. Anyways, from the website:

Our goal is bringing together professional athletes and music. We only work with pro players that are passionate about music and have a level of musical talent. We're not interested in making cheesy or campy recordings.
I'm so glad it's not going to be cheesy, though understandably I'm sure people have their doubts. What I'm hoping for is an experience kinda like when people first heard Langley Schools Music Project. A feeling like, "Man, could that possibly be good?" And then listening to it and realizing, "Woah! That's pretty good!" Be sure to check out their website. Part of the proceeds go to charities that the players pick out, and did I tell you that Scott Linebrink sings on it!?

Anyways... Game today. Open thread shortly.