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Mark Grant: "That's some kinda nice!"

Dudes, we did it again. The Pads have too much firepower.  It's a game of cat and mouse.  They toy with you until the final innings of the game and then they pounce.  This has been some exciting baseball.  

Mark Grant was cracking me up with his shillelagh.  Waves it around nonchalantly, quiet in the booth, like it ain't no thing.  Then he starts quietly kissing it.  Man I was laughing so hard.  Then Klesko gets on board and I call Jon.  We are both giggling with excitement like little school girls.  The excitement is in the air.  Jonny Dub predicts that if we comeback and win this game then the Pads win the world series.  You heard it here first.

When Nevin gets up I get real nervous.  He drives me crazy swinging at first pitches when the closer can't find the plate.  Nevin is a total sucker for the high heat.  He loves popping the ball up.  He's underneath almost every pitch.  Does he have any idea what he's doing?  I kept saying "Be clutch Nevin! Be Clutch!"  Then he hits it the ball straight into home plate and bounces a pop fly into the infield.  The ball is so high.  Phil is barely called out, that's how high it was.  Hey but at least Nevin put the ball in play, gotta hand it to him.  It's just frustrating to watch.

Ramon is a hitting machine, a huge timely hit to move Giles to third.  All the Padres are clutch.  Then after Burroughs is intentionally walked, Kid Khalil with an 0-2 count gets the base knock to win the game.  The Pads rush the field get that helmet off him and show that horrific hair.  Somebody get that kid some conditioner, he's hiding a hay stack under that helmet.  Everybody in the ballpark is going crazy. Except...

Khalil.  He's so funny, I seriously think he's a Vulcan.  Maybe that's why the hair is so long to hide those pointy ears.  He has zero emotion.  Either that or he's an android.  Mark Grant is going crazy during the post game interview.  "Great Game Kid, how'd it feel getting that base hit?"  In lifeless robot voice "Good".  Well I think he said it all.  The Pads are good!  Now we have first place all to ourselves.  Yes, Mark Grant, that's some kinda nice!