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Padres All-Stars!

Now that the Padres have got your attention and we're all on the bandwagon. It's time to get them into the All-Star game. Here's where you vote. And here is who you, as a Padres fan, should vote for, and why.

Ramon Hernandez, C: Because he's the best hitting catcher in the National League. Paul Lo Duca might be better overall, but there's no denying that those two are a step above the rest, and since Ramon's on your team...

Dave Roberts, OF: Because you're anti-Moneyball and you believe in things like clutchness, clubhouse presence, and amazing work ethic as opposed to the stats that say Roberts isn't a good leadoff guy. Or because you loved Moneyball and you recognize that Roberts provides a constant threat which doesn't get quantified properly and you know that it's not all about OBP. Or vote for him because he's possibly the nicest guy in the world.

Ryan Klesko, OF: Because we see now that last season was so obviously an anomaly and you feel guilty for having given up on him.

Brian Giles, OF: Because he's clutch and he's comfortable enough with his masculinity that he doesn't mind admitting to spooning with his brother, Marcus when the Braves are in town.

Mark Loretta, 2B: Because you're getting a little sick of Kent and Biggio, who, because they've both been the Astros second basemen for the last 5 years, are blocking your brother-in-law from progressing in the Astros minor league organization.

As it happens, they're talking about this subject on the radio as I write this. Philly Billy says Ramon Hernandez, Jake Peavy, and Trevor Hoffman. Unfortunately, they don't think there's anybody popular enough on the Padres to get a vote. We need to get passionate about our guys. Let's get voting! Spread the word!

Here's your ballot: RAMON HERNANDEZ, BRIAN GILES, RYAN KLESKO, DAVE ROBERTS. Let's get voting!

Oh and please write in Mark Sweeney because he's Mark Sweeney.