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Open thread question: How good are the Padres?

No time this morning for a proper celebration of our Padres grabbing a tie with the Diamondbacks today, so let's try an open thread. How good are the Padres? You tell me. For the record, my answer is "devestatingly". The Padres are devestatingly good. Let's see some adverbs.

Also, I've added several entries to WDJCDT? from spring training, so feel free to browse the site to see what Jerry's been up to this year.

Update [2005-5-17 14:56:6 by Dex]: These open threads are tough to get going, so here are more topics of discussion in honor of Star Wars this week:

1. Young Anakin was selected by IGN as the lamest Star Wars character ever. Do you agree?

2. Who do you love to hate more, Barry Bonds or Darth Vader?

3. Who's wiser, Jerry Coleman, or Yoda?