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Monday Morning

Tons of updates from over the weekend. Scroll down to see all kinds of great photos and reports.

Let me just say right now that I'm disgusted with myself and with jbox. I've already told jbox about this and he agrees, so it's not like there's a Gaslamp Ball feud. If jbox were here right now I'd spit in his face and then have him spit right back in mine. We were given an awesome opportunity by Pad Squadder Stephanie to ask Dave Roberts all kinds of great questions, but we blew it. I'm so disappointed in myself, you wouldn't believe it. Instead of great questions, we gorged on Randy Jones' BBQ. Even though the pictures turned out good and there's plenty of stories, it should've been tons better. And for that, on behalf of all 3 1/2 of us at Gaslamp Ball, I apologize. Look at this dumb grin on my face. I was like Ralphie with his one shot in front of Santa Claus. "Suuure... A football.... That sounds good..." UGH I'm so annoyed with that photo. WIPE THAT STUPID SMILE OFF YOUR FACE AND ASK HIM A QUESTION! OK... Enough beating myself up. Next time I promise to do better. At least I got my money's worth and made a plate of leftovers before we took off.

Scroll to the bottom of Bill Center's notes. Or just read it right here:

Clearly, the fans enjoyed The Chicken's first appearance at Petco Park on Saturday.

But several players, including Hoffman, didn't appreciate all the skits - notably the Grim Reaper routine played out in front of the visiting dugout in the ninth inning.

"I didn't think it was very appropriate," said Hoffman, who felt it opened the door to the Marlins for "the last laugh."

Said Bochy: "I can see Trevor being upset, because he doesn't like to call attention to himself."
I love Trevor, and I have a man crush on Bochy right now, and I agree with the Chicken comment. Let's be honest. Lighting every single scoreboard on fire with the words TREVOR TIME everywhere you look; That might be one thing. Blaring Hell's Bells by AC/DC out of all 800 speakers at the ballpark effectively likening Hoffman to "rolling thunder, pouring rain" and reminding the other team that Trevor's "coming at you like a hurricane"; That OK. Ringing a mission bell after every out that Trevor records: Tasteful. But the chicken in a grim reaper suit... Now that's just crass.

Hey Bochy, you think that by the time 37,287 people are on their feet chanting "Hell's Bells", it's a little too late to worry about drawing attention to your closer?

Also, it's apparently not spelled "shalaylee", but actually "shillelagh". Just in case you were wondering. I personally still credit the Kournikova Kiss as being the turning point. Haven't lost a series yet since then.