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Game Report: Padres 2, Marlins 1, Chicken Hilarious

Great game tonight, though I'll be honest and say I didn't actually get to see a lot of it. I know Peavy did well. And Otsuka was in there for a little bit... And Hoffman came in and closed the game. Mostly I remember watching the San Diego Chicken.

Man, that Chicken is classic. He broke out the eyechart for the ump. There was a dance off against Barney the purple dinosaur which ended up with the Chicken beating Barney down on the field. A row of little baby Chickens came out with the Famous Chicken and they put the hex on the Marlins, farted on the umps and gave the warmup catcher some well placed smacks on the booty.. It was good, good stuff. Not to be outdone, our very own Swingin' Friar came out in a makeshift Famous Chicken outfit also. A little something to make sure the fans hadn't forgotten about him. In the 9th, with Hell's Bells playing, the Chicken came out in his grim reaper outfit.

I think jbox got pictures.

Our seats were up in row 20 of section 229, which is a bear to get to, but what're you gonna do. If you're Jon, you're gonna do nothing but complain. Getting from the front gate to our seats apparently took "a full thirty minutes". It was pointed out to me that high pop ups would peak well below us. There were complaints of vertigo and the thin air making it tough to breath. Sarcastic tones complimented me several times on what a nice job I'd done with the seats. And yet, for whatever reason, I have invited Jon to another game tomorrow when we will have excellent seats. Don't forget, this is the same Jon who dislikes the PA system at Petco because there's too many speakers. I think jbox got pictures from our seats. You'll see. They weren't nearly as bad as Jon would have you believe.

Jbox also got a picture of the 1/2 lb RJ Slugger which is the giant hot dog you can buy at Randy Jones BBQ. Randy Jones, Cy Young Award winner and Padres Hall of Famer himself, cooked up my RJ Slugger. Randy Jones BBQ is the place to be, man. Huge sausage in the bun with plenty of the BBQ sauce on there. MMMMMMmmmm... The Slugger was almost as good as the free mini Frostee we got at Wendy's. We'll have to hit Wendy's tomorrow also.

We didn't get to see Shannon and Kelly who we were supposed to hook up with. We did hang out with another friend, Trisha, for a little bit. Trisha's very excitable at Padres games. We'll have to go to a game with her. I'm positive something crazy would happen.

I'll have to go over the box score and the game log to find out what happened. We were mostly wandering around the park and I was mostly watching the Chicken do his thing. Tomorrow's day game should be fun, but I'm ready for a hot day. Padres take another series from another good team. Gotta love them Padres.