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And the beat goes on for our Padres! Sorry about lack of open threads for the last two games. Two days in a row, in haste, I posted open threads, but they went to some hidden place that I haven't figured out yet. Thank goodness the weekends are light as far as traffic.

How bout them Padres?

We hit the game again today and got to use Uncle Tony's seats. Jess is still out of town so the crew for the day was me, Jbox, Jonny Dub, and Sheona. Kev and his dad were also in their seats nearby. I purchased me a Padres Magazine with Dave Roberts on the cover and got a scorecard with it, so I figured, Hey I may as well keep score. The program also came in handy as I got Dave Roberts to autograph it!

First though, the game. Another sweep by the Padres. The Padres had one aspect of their game to improve. And like I said then, if they improved on that aspect, they would kill teams. And that's exactly what happened today. In fact, the only notable baserunners left stranded were Nevin's when he struck out in the 5th way back when the Padres only had one run on the board and the bases loaded. Phil was not so much clutch this game, though he did add a base hit and RBI during the huge Padres ten run seventh. Kev and his dad want me to refer to Phil as Phyllis, but he did manage a 2 for 5 day with an RBI... And 6 runners left on base. I guess Phil didn't get yesterday's memo.

Today's Awards:
Most Efficient - Mark Sweeney. Came in for half an inning and managed 2R, BB, 1B, and 1 RBI. That's one half of an inning's work.

Hung Star of the Game - Burroughs in the second with the hard shot to his right and still managing to throw Cabrera out at first... Which leads to...

Hardest hitter - Miguel Cabrera. After already hitting a home run to the upper deck of Western Metal this weekend, he tattooed a foul ball in the 4th that chipped a few bricks in the big building. Not to mention a hard hit shot in the 6th, another base hit in the 8th, and the hard grounder in the second. As Al Swearengen would say, "Wish I had five just like you."

Most Annoying Marlin - Alex Gonzalez. In the 9th inning Gonzalez got fooled bad on a Hammond changeup and threw his bat into the stands. Any time an opposing player starts throwing equipment at Padres fans, it's annoying, but Gonzalez then went on to foul off a dozen pitches when everybody in the place was spent and just wanted the fish to go quietly.

Most Underrated - Dave Roberts. Three run home run. Stolen base. Just keep telling me he's overrated and he'll keep showing up with solid clutch production.

Jbox is planning on writing about what we did after the game, which includes meeting Dave Roberts, getting his autograph, all the Randy Jones BBQ we could eat, and drunken middle aged women. Jbox has a lot to cover. I look forward to it as much as you do.

Update [2005-5-15 23:16:48 by Dex]: I completely forgot. With the win today and the Dodgers taking the loss against the Braves, the Padres move into second place. A mere half a game behind the D-Backs who've played one more game than our boys. It's only a matter of time, Arizona.