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Weekend Preview: Our Padres vs Them Marlins

I was going to do all kinds of a great writeup, but I'm busy today, so I'll add to this as I go along and hopefully, in the lunch hour, if I'm not outside enjoying this gorgeous day, I'll have something a bit more.

First up, our friends at FishStripes have an interview/series preview with the Swingin' Friar. We've actually kinda met the Swingin' Friar during our acting careers. I've requested Mermaids pictures. We're big Mermaids fans here.

Update [2005-5-13 15:51:33 by Dex]: Two new blogs added to the SportsBlogs network today. First is Viva El Birdos, which is a Cardinals blog. That should make some of our regulars happy. They also have a sick, sick, sick logo. I'm really pleased with that one. I was very proud of the logo we have, but theirs might be on par. Nothing at VEB yet, but I'm sure there will be some Cards goodness shortly.

The second is a Royals blog, Royals Review. The third team from the expansion class of '69 to get represented and the only team from the class to win a championship. I predict the Padres to be the next.

More updates as the day progresses.

Update [2005-5-13 16:9:11 by Dex]: Have you been listening to Mighty 1090 the last couple of days? Have you heard them talk about the Whizzinator? Don't click too far into their webpage if you're at work. It's graphic. The Whizzinator is a device that a man can use to beat a urine drug test. If a proctor is monitoring you to make sure that you're actually peeing into the cup, you whip the Whizzinator out and as far as anybody can tell who's looking, that's good, old fashioned, 100% real urine coming out of there. They'll sell you dried urine if you need to mix up a batch for your test. A football player was recently caught with one, apparently to beat NFL's drug test. They come in different colors to match skin tones. I imagine there must have been some Major Leaguers who've used this thing, right? I tried to imagine going into a drug test with the Whizzinator over my guy and a couple bags of hot urine strapped to me. I honestly wonder if looking down and seeing myself doing business without actually doing the business would somehow confuse my brain and body functions. It must take some practice to not wet your pants.

Was this one of those TMI types of updates? I'm probably thinking too hard about it.

Update [2005-5-13 17:0:27 by Dex]: Another update. I noticed a little hit spike over at WDJCTD? along with a nice e-mail and another complimentary comment. Did we get another mention on the radio or something? That would be cool. Jerry Coleman hasn't been on broadcast in so long, but I hear he'll be on the broadcast for this next homestand, so we'll hopefully get some new diary entries.

I also got a new comment on an old PFS76 post. Unfortunately, this one wasn't as complimentary. I guess you can't please everbyody. I suspect it was a relative of Jayson Werth.