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Tim Stauffer interview on 1090

Stauffer's about to do an interview on 1090. I'm listening online so I'm a little behind as it is, but let's try liveblogging this sucker.

12:07 PM - Since the interview was supposed to start at five after noon, I'm assuming I'm about 2-3 minutes behind. Darn the internet!!

12:10 PM - Stauffer hasn't called in yet. The guys are mentioning Scott Rolen with Karma coming his way. Rolen's bad habit of shoulder checking the first baseman has landed him on the DL.

12:19 PM - Where's this Stauffer guy? He showed up late to yesterday's game too, letting that bellyitcher pitch to the first 5 batters. Stauffer's gotta work on punctuality.

12:29 PM - OK Stauffer's crazy late. Cause now they got somebody else on talking about some TV show. Come on, Stauffer. Where the heck are you?

12:32 PM - If they come back from commercial and they still haven't found Stauffer, I'm leaving. I'm gonna go grab some lunch.

12:45 PM - OK I'm done waiting. I can't believe I waited over a half an hour anyway. And now I'm just about done with my lunch hour. Dumb Tim Stauffer.

Update [2005-5-12 21:38:46 by Dex]: Stauffer eventually did show up for the interview, but I didn't really pay attention. I was over it by then. I did catch something about him living in PB, housesitting for his cousin. That's cool, I guess.