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Open Thread, 5/11: Tim Stauffer vs The Curse of the Fifth

Tim Stauffer (0-0, 0.00) vs Paul Wilson (1-3, 7.25)

Game starts at like dawn or something.

When last we saw the Curse, it was eating Tim Redding's shoulder out of the socket. And now, Stauffer looks to see what he can do against such powerful magicks. The Ducksnorts preview is here. Unfortunately, the comparisons in attempting to project Stauffer aren't very revealing. John Sickels sees Stauffer as "interesting" and a more detailed scouting report is here. From the Sickels report:

While Stauffer doesn't have the pure velocity of a dominant ace, his ability to throw strikes, mix his pitches, and stay ahead of hitters is exciting. If he can avoid further arm problems, he projects as a solid No. 3 starter.

I dug a little deeper than Ducksnorts and John Sickels and went to and found this interesting horoscope for Tim's gameday eve:
Whether it feels comfortable to you or not -- initially, at least -- you're going to be on center stage for at least a couple of days, and probably longer. Better accept it and try to get your loved ones used to the idea too, because if they're in the vicinity, they may also find the spotlight trained on them. Of course, there are definitely worse things than being worshipped by a crowd of admirers. Looks like you'll all just have to buck up.
You tell me, non-believers... How did know that? That seems eerily accurate, doesn't it? Gives you the chills, right?

I looked up the gameday horoscope, but it wasn't very informative. Just stuff about having to make "big decisions" and "thinking uncharacteristically serious thoughts". The good news is that his energy meter is high on all counts. Expect a good outing. Thankfully, no mention of having to deal with any curses.